Critical Urban Ecology: Lecture Series at Brighton

I’m delivering a paper at Brighton University in December for a series titled “Critical Urban Ecology” organised by Karin Jaschke and the History and Theory in Spatial Design Unit of the Architecture programme together with Interior Architecture:

Groundworks: Ecology, Remediation and Creative Destruction

In the global spaces newly exposed to capital’s ‘creative destruction’ their territories are continuously reshaped through processes that take existing arable land out of commission whilst uncovering other grounds now permeated with the toxins leached from their former industrial usage. These processes present a situation in which issues of speculation, investment, health, food security, and the ‘rights to the city’ combine to form a critical ecology which is played out on the ground of regions such as those in China’s rapidly urbanising river delta areas. Through examples drawn from the work of students and tutors at the AA’s Landscape Urbanism programme, this lecture examines the potential for engaging with this ecology through the process of a ‘groundwork’ that remediates soil pollution, and, at the same time,  seeks to construct a more equitably organised and environmentally viable terrain