Emerging Landscapes reviewed

by ytheory

The paper Rahul and I presented at the Emerging Landscape conference at Westminster has been reviewed by Michael Jaworski on his blog:

‘Douglas Spencer and Rahul Paul talked about ‘Relational Agri-urbanism  in the Pearl River Delta’. I am no geographer so I can’t really explain what that exactly means. Having said that their presentation consisted of a number of slides where vast quantities of social and  economic research on the Pearl River Delta in China was presented as informative maps and diagrams. Those included agriculture, industrialization, urban development, transportation, pollution. They reinforced the point that landscape is where those processes take place and they in turn change the landscape, quite often dramatically.
Can that sort of geographic analysis be helpful to alleviate the negative effects of the changes? There was a lot of talks in the conference where various aspects of landscape were discussed with no connection to the social and economic conditions that produced them and this presentation stood out from that in a positive way.’

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